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what is stress?

Stress is physical, emotional response to any threat.When ever you are perceived danger there is adrenaline rush and raise in cortisol level due to which you either have FIGHT or FLIGHT response.

Due to which there are certain changes in the body like increase in blood pressure,sweating,tremors,dryness in mouth intense fear,muscle may experience,

  • Positive stress (Eustress)
  • Negative stress(Distress)


stress symptoms

Symptoms of stress?

Physical symptoms                     Mental Symptoms                  Emotional Symptoms                           

  •  Headache                                     Anxiety                                            Anger 
  • Body pain                                      Suicidal Ideations                          Irritability                                   
  • Acne                                               Addiction                                         Sadness       
  • Stomach ache                               Food and eating issues                Apathy              
  •  Digestive issues                           Depression                                     Overwhelming
  • Insomnia                                        Compulsions                                   Crying spells

What is Cause of stress?

Every person reacts in different way to each life events.What is stress for you may not be the same for your friend.

Anything that puts high demand on you is stressful.Sometimes even positive things in life can be stressful like Marriage,Starting new job,shifting to new house or new town.

External Causes

  • Financial problems
  • Work related 
  •  Family issues
  • Problems in school
  • Death in family

Internal causes

  • Pessimism
  • Inability to accept uncertainity
  • Negative self talk
  • All-or-none attitude
  • Perfectionisn/Unrealistic expectations

How we help you?

We can help manage stress by improving your

  • Coping skills
  • Managing any stressful mental condition
  •  Hypnotherapy
  • Mindfull Meditation


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