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tobacco screening & cessATION CLINIC

You deserve to be able to quit smoking,giving up smoking can be scary,here we help you with stop smoking with ease


Cancer if found early on Screening tests may be easier to treat or cure. Colon Cancer,Lung Cancer,Prostate Cancer,Etc…..


Starting at age 40 all women should have annual screening of mammogram, PAP Smear,BRCA gene mutation,Ovasrian cancer Etc…..

head and neck cancer

Head & Neck cancer

Includes cancer in Larynx,Lip,Mouth,Throat,Salivary Gland.You should know the Warning signs so that you can alert the physician.

brain cancer

Abnormal growth of cells in Brain cells.Not all growth are cancerous as there are both Benign and Malignant

breast cancer

Most common invasive cancer in Women,Second leading cause of death. Doctors here are skilled Best treatment for Brest Cancer 


Cancer that begins in Immune cells.Theses cells are in Lymph nodes,Thymus,Spleen,Bone Marrow.Lymphocytes can grow and change out of control.

TYPES: Hodgking & Non Hodgking Lumphoma




Multiple Myeloma is Blood cancer of Plasma cells type of  White blood cells.Bone pain,fracture,weight loss,fatigue,frequent fever are few of symptoms



gastric cancer

gastric cancer

Cancer in Stomach cells.Develops over many years.Common among %)years and above.Eating meat,lack of exercise,excessive alcohol use.Treated with Chemotherapy,Surgery,Radiotherapy & Immunotherapy



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Dr Sreenivass BJ

Dr.Sreenivass B J

MBBS,MD,DNB ( Med Oncology)

Consultant Medical Oncologist

Gold Medalist


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My mother had Breast cancer and we came from Andhra Pradesh looking for best Oncologist and after getting treatment from Dr. Sreenivass, we are very happy and satisfied with his treatment
Srinath (CEO Texila)
Oncologist here is very well informed,I am alive today because of his competencies,do not have any words to explain about him.Very approachable & kind.We highly recommend for Oncologist .
Anitha Varghese( Manager INTEL)

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