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Depression Treatment

Low mood, lack of interest, Crying spells, helplessness, Suicidal thoughts are few symptoms of depression

Child guidance clinic

With increase in use of technology there is certainly raise in Mobile addiction, Gaming, aggression among Adolescent age group.


It is form of Psychotherapy which uses, Relaxation, Extreme concentration, and intense attention to achieve Mindfulness

Anxiety Treatment

Increasing heart rate, sweating, anxiousness, on & Off these symptoms defenitely you need help.

OCD treatment

Repeated unwanted thoughts, Urge to do something again & again-Checking repeatedly, Fear of contamination etc..

Biofeedback Therapy

It is Non Drug treatment for Depression,Anxiety,Slepp problems,Chronic headache,Pain,Asthma,Blood pressure,Weight loss etc...

Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation

Excess use of Alcohol, Smoking & Drug use is illness and their is certain changes which happens in brain & patients need treatment,

Sleep disorder

One can have difficulty falling asleep, Day time fatigue, irritability, not feeling refreshed in morning, lack of concentration ,forgetfulness, There may be various reasons for this problem.

Stress Management

We all experience stress in life & must be managed effectively. Chronic stress will eventually lead to other Mental illness like Depression, Anxiety, Forgetfulness,

For advanced Meditation Techniques & Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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