Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Prevalence of Alcohol Dependence in India is 14.5% of total population(16 crore)

Today there is no part of the world that is free from the curse of Drug trafficking and Drug Addiction.

Drug abuse is complex phenomenon which has various Social,Cultural,Biological,Geographical,Economical aspects.

Most drug users are in the productive age group of 18-35 yrs. Damage to the Physical,Psychological,Moral& Intellectual growth of the youth is very high.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is chronic,relapsing,Brain disease defined by Physical & Psychological Dependence on Drugs, alcohol or behavior.

Research estimates that genetics account for 40-60% of persons likelihood of developing a substance use problem

Addiction & The Brain

Excessive substance abuse affects many parts of the body,main organ impacted is Brain.

When person consumes more amount of Drugs,or Alcohol- Brain produces large amount of Dopamine(NT) which triggers the brain Reward Mechanism. 

After repeated use-Brain will not be able to produce normal amount of Dopamine, which means that person fails to find pleasure in enjoyable activities like friends,friends etc..

Diagnosing an Addiction

Lack of control                                                                                            Loss of Interest

Desire to limit use                                                                                       Tolerance

Lack of responsibility                                                                                 Withdrawal

Relationship Problems                                                                               Dangerous use

Warning Signs Of Addiction

Ignoring Responsibility                         Withdrawal from normal social contact

Problems at Work                                  Sudden Mood swings & change in behavior

Unexplained Absence                           Unusual lack of Motivation

Memory problems                                  Weight loss or changes in Physical appearance