Around 200 million people in India suffer from Depression !!
It is Important to realize that feeling down at times is a normal part of life.Sad and upsetting events happen to everyone,Depression is not necessarily due to weakness in ones personality or from poor ability to cope with stress .
About 2 in 3 adults suffer from depression in their life time, mild form lasting for few weeks which goes unnoticed.
1 in 4 Women & 1 in 10 Men suffer from serious case of depression which require medical attention, extensive therapy & Treatment.

Brain & Depression

The Prefrontal cortex of brain processes information on memory,decision making,personality,motivation and complex cognitive tasks.These are encoded in form of Synapse(interneuronal connection),they communicate via electrochemical process called  neurotransmission. Deficiency of Serotonin(neurotransmitter) or abnormal number of serotonin receptors in synapse cause depression.Most antidepressants increases serotonin concentration improving mood and cognition.
Lets fight depression together and end the taboo around mental health!

Depression-Common Signs & Symptoms

Depression doesn’t only disrupt the life of the individual but also people who surround him/her, If you or your loved ones is showing these symptoms for over 2 weeks now professional help need to be sought.

Psycho therapy
Brain stimulation
Biofeedback technique

Treatment of depression has transformed over several years and now multiple safe modalities and effective treatment are available. Stigma seems to be a bigger challenge than disorder itself.

In our center we take a pride in providing counselling & treatment to people in different severity levels.

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