Couple & marriage counselling

Couple counselling for better relationship

What is couple counselling?

Love is a beautiful feeling and it gives a sense of security,safety,communication .Overtime any relationship needs maintenance and servicing like car. If any problems is there then needs to be solved immediately to avoid any further complications. 

Any interpersonal issues,conflicts, compatability,can be put in right place through counselling before its too late.

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When to choose?

  • You start having more frequent arguments.
  • Poor communication,felt ignored or taken for granted.
  • Often feel something is wrong but cant figure out what it is.
  • Unable to handle certain situations – Passive aggression.
  • Have difficulty in managing in-laws,finances,job,parenting.
  • falling out of love and loosing the spark.
  • Unable to handle Break ups.

Couple therapy is a form of Psychotherapy where Therapist work with couples and help them to gain insight into the relationship to regain their communication,love,intimacy,spark, & to resolve conflicts.

How we help you?

We start with one hour session, 1st session will be complete assessment with knowing couples problems,background,which helps in building rapport between therapist and client.

Couple are given assignments or can say home works. which matters are : things that they can do together,enjoyable,regular this helps in building there communications.

  • Exercises to improve intimacy.
  • Exercises to improve Communication.
  • Exercises to improve appreciation towards each other.
  • Exercises to know more about each other.

Weekly one session is scheduled lasting for one hour and may require 3 to 20 sessions

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What you can expect

Couple who are thinking of Divorce,Separation, Therapy helps them to reduce pain,cope better which also increase self esteem, restore their own identity. Couple therapy has a positive outcome.

  • Pre-Marital counselling
  • LGBT couple
  • Live-in couple
  • Any other relationships

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