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Incidence in India is 5 to 10 per 100,000 population

What is Brain cancer?

brain cancer

Brain Cancer is a mass of abnormally growing cells in Brain tissue.It may be cancerous or non cancerous.

23,890 estimated primary brain tumor in India.There are about 120 types of Brain cancer,but not all tumor in brain are life threatening.

Types of Brain Cancer?

There are two forms of Brain Cancer- Primary & Secondary

Primary starts in Brain tissue while Secondary starts in other part of body & eventually spreads to brain tissue.

Primary Brain Cancer : 

  • Glioma – Starts in glial cells & these are very aggressive & fast growing.
  • Medulloblastoma – Starts from embryonic cells & more common in children.
  • Menangioma – Starts in cells in the membranes surrounding the Brain and spinal cord.

Signs and symptoms of Brain Cancer

Headache                                                                      Memory loss or personality change

Vomiting & nausea                                                                  Fatigue

 New onset seizures                                                                 Paralysis in any part of body                   

 Loss of coordination                                                               loss of vision                                                                                                   

Difficulty in swallowing                                                 Sleep issue & Depression                                                        

Causes of Brain Cancer

In most people cause of Brain tumor is not known but some risk factors are identified.

  • Exposure to radiation: Exposure to high radiation causes damage to the brain cells leading to cancer like Meningioma or Glioma.
  • Family history or inheritance: A small portion of people with having family history of brain tumor like Neurofibromatosis 1&2.

Treatment of Brain Cancer

Treatment of Brain Cancer depends upon several factors like : 

Size of tumor , location.

Spread of tumor to other parts of the body.

Type and Stage of tumor.

Age and general health condition.

1) Surgery: Surgery is the best option and treatment of choice,if tumor wrap around normal tissue or if its too critical and risky to do surgery then other mode of treatment needs to be considered.

2)Radiation Therapy: Following surgery high powered X ray are used to to kill the remaining cancer cells,when surgery is not an option then Radiation therapy alone can be considered. some times while giving this radiation therapy some normal cells can also be killed therefore Gamma knife & Cyberknife are used so that doctors can precisely target the cancer cells only.

3)Chemotherapy:Various drugs are given either by orally, or injected through vein to kill the cancer cells. this mode of treatment is more effective in medulloblastomas and lymphomas.

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