Treatment for anxiety disorder

What is anxiety disorder?

47 million Indians suffer from Anxiety disorder, almost  1 in 7 individual suffer in silence.

Anxiety is reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous. Everyone feels anxious from time to time & it is normal.Certain level of anxiety helps us stay alert and aware.

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One can feel unpleasant & vague sense of apprehension accompanied by headache,sweating,racing heart rate,restlessness,chest tightness & stomach discomfort.

But for people who have anxiety disorder this reactions can be intense,lasting for longer time & occuring more frequently, such individual usually avoid anxiety provoking situation & may have difficulties managing work,relationships,or other social activities.

Anxiety and Brain?

Long term Anxiety & Panic attacks can cause your brain to release stress hormone on regular basis.This increase frequency of symptoms such as headache,dizziness and Depression.

In brain there is increase activity in Emotion- Processing region(Amygdala) who have Anxiety disorder which results in decrease GABA neurotransmitter.

What are types of Anxiety disorders?

  • Panic disorderExperiencing intense attacks of anxiety with impending doom of death.It can vary from one attack in a year to many attacks in a day.
  • Specific Phobia–  Excessive amount of fear related to specific specific objects,situation or circumstances EX: fear of heights, fear of insects.
  • Agoraphobia Anxiety in such situation where in escape would be difficult,Agoraphobia often co exists with panic attacks
  • Generalized anxiety disorder Experiencing anxiety about mostly everything,most of the days for at least 6 months,day to day life becomes difficult and usually they will have difficult to control & associate with physical symptoms like sleep disturbances & irritability.
  • Social anxiety disorder Experience fear of a social situations that involve interaction with strangers or fear of thoughts about negatively being judged,making fool of themselves. 

What are Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety?

  • Physical symptoms- Hot flushes,restlessness,quick breathing,feeling intense, edgy
  • Psychological Excessive fear,worry,catastrophizing obsessive thinking.
  • Behavioral Avoidance of situations that make you feel anxious which can impact

Treatment of Anxiety

Based on specific type of anxiety appropriate psycho therapeutic with or without pharmacological agent is chosen

Choices in Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT) including Exposure therapy & Behavior therapy are the choices to be made while considering Psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is also a mode of treatment helps to overcome fear and Anxiety.


How do i know if i have anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal  part of life.Its just the biological reaction & the way body and reacts to the stress or something which is not right.If these symptoms like Tension in muscles,Irrational thoughts, Fatigue, Excessive worrying,Difficulty to concentrate,Palpitation,sleep disturbance,if these are present continuously and interferes with daily activities then you should consult doctor.

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